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Kyle Carberry AK '17

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering


Please contact our President, Kyle Carberry, with any comments, questions, or concerns you may have regarding our chapter.

Benjamin Softic_016745_@.jpg

External Vice President

Benjamin Softic AK '17

Aerospace Engineering

Bradley Grothaus_016698_@.jpg

Internal Vice President

Bradley Grothaus AK '17

Mechanical Engineering

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Davis Perry AK '16

Mechanical Engineering

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Thomas Taglieri AK '16

Computer Science

Hiroki Gavin_016739_@.jpg

Director of Recruitment

Jesse George AK '18

Biochemical Engineering

Garrett Thele_016536_@.jpg

House Manager

Garrett Thele AK '17

Electrical Engineering

Thomas Himmelberg_016709_@.jpg

VP of Membership Development

Thomas Himmelberg AK '15

Mechanical Engineering

Rhett Romanik_016926_@.jpg

VP Health & Safety

Rhett Romanik AK '17

Computer Engineering

Our Chapter Advisor


Chapter Advisor

Dr. Chris Ramsay AK '90

Director of the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center


Alpha Kappa is very blessed to have an effective and accredited, model Chapter Advisor, Dr. Chris Ramsay.  Dr. Ramsay has served the Alpha Kappa Chapter as Chapter Advisor since 1994, being initiated in September 1990.  During this time, he has been an extremely invaluable asset not only to the Chapter, but to the other three Alpha Kappa entities as well. Dr. Ramsay serves many functions in a typical day.  He is the Director of the Student Design and Experiential Learning center at Missouri S&T as well as the Chapter Advisor to Alpha Kappa. For a typical person, accomplishing any one of these positions would correlate to personal success.  However, Chris strives for the greater ideals established by our Fraternity and gives extensively to his alma mater and Fraternity as well. Chris is also very involved with the Rolla community, supporting numerous organizations in the Rolla school system, the Ozark Actor’s Theatre, and his local church, just to name a few. Chris is able to do these great things all while supporting and raising a family with his wife and two daughters. It is truly unbelievable how one man manages to do so much. The growth and prosperity of the Alpha Kappa Chapter has been tremendous in the past twenty years, much of which would not have been possible without Dr. Ramsay. Chris has been able to booster such strong alumni support that has propelled Alpha Kappa to the top of Pi Kappa Alpha in terms of alumni relations. Chris has been able to coordinate and develop the alumni base to help Alpha Kappa gain a new Chapter House in 2000 and a new addition to the Chapter House in 2007. His work has also allowed Alpha Kappa to develop the Educational Foundation it has, which has successfully completed a Capital Campaign to raise over 1.5 million dollars as well as give out over $70,000 per year in scholarships to undergraduates of Alpha Kappa. In addition to this, the attendance from alumni at events such as the Homecoming Celebration and Founders’ Day Celebration can be proof that Chris has developed great relationships with all alumni from his advising as well as events such as the Chapter House Dedication, Centennial Celebration, and 110th Celebration, which gives alumni even more of an incentive to return to Alpha Kappa. The added benefits that the Chapter receives from terrific alumni contributions would not be realized if it were not for a great Chapter Advisor such as Chris Ramsay.