How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of living at Pi Kappa Alpha is consistently less than the average cost of living in one of the residential halls, such as Residential College or Thomas Jefferson Hall. Room and board, as well as a meal plan that includes nine full meals a week and substantial snacks, is all covered in the cost.

How Will it Affect My Son’s Studies?

Many students often find managing their time transitioning from high school to college life very difficult. Pi Kappa Alpha assists in this transition period by having mandated study hours for both pledges and active members. As a result the average GPA for pledges the past few semesters has been consistently above the all men’s average at Missouri S&T. The chapter offers multiple other programs such as focused study groups, and the ability to consult older members about class material. All of these aspects serve as an extra aid or resource aside from lectures and campus help sessions.

What About Scholarships?

Pi Kappa Alpha annually rewards its members with around $70,000 in scholarships from our Educational Foundation. Though, aside from scholarships being awarded by academic achievement, they can also be earned for in house involvement, community service, and other leadership roles throughout campus.


Pi Kappa Alpha offers and encourages a multitude of involvement opportunities, both in and out of house. In house opportunities include participation in intramural sports, community service trips and events, as well as leadership positions and committee positions. Campus and community involvement is so encouraged that the members of Pi Kappa Alpha average over two campus organizations per man. While this may seem daunting, it is an important step in learning the leadership skills that will pave the way to a prosperous career after graduation.

Stance on Hazing?

Pi Kappa Alpha has a very stern zero-tolerance policy when it comes to hazing. Each chapter is expected and required to abide by this policy and the Alpha Kappa chapter is certainly no exception. Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally that causes embarrassment, harassment, ridicule, or risks emotional and/or physical harm. Hazing directly conflicts with the purpose and ideology of Pi Kappa Alpha and Missouri S&T alike, and only degrades the culture that Pi Kappa Alpha has strived to create.

How Much Time Does the Fraternity Take Up?

Participating in the fraternity adds additional activities and commitments to an already busy schedule in college. However, Pi Kappa Alpha does encourage time management skills which will help each member with his involvement in the fraternity, on campus, and in his professional career. The additional responsibilities, mixed with time management skills taught specifically to new members, helps keep everything in balance.  Each member will find a level of commitment that is comfortable for him. By learning to balance academics, fraternal involvement, campus involvement, and social commitments, each member is more likely to be successful later on in professional life.

Will My Son Be Safe?

The Alpha Kappa Chapter house at Missouri S&T is one of the safest fraternity houses in the nation. It is purposefully built to withstand any sort of fire. It is constructed with an all steel frame, fire resistant doors, fire proof drywall, and an extensive sprinkler system checked yearly. Fire drills are also performed regularly.  On top of fire protection, all chapter house entrances are equipped with key pads for coded entry. Only members have knowledge of the codes, and visitors are required to be personally let in by a member of the chapter. Finally, top of the line security cameras surround the premises and allow the members to replay any hostile or illegal activity occurring on the property.

What is my role as a parent?

Take time to learn about Pi Kappa Alpha and other Greek Life at Missouri S&T. Ask your son questions about what is happening within the fraternity, as well as what events are going on around campus. Allow him to make the decisions that he thinks are best for him and be supportive of what he decides to become involved in. Be interested in what the organizations offer to him, and offer guidance if he becomes confused. Once your son joins Pi Kappa Alpha, there are many opportunities to be involved as a parent, such as the Parent’s Club, Family Weekend, Pi Kappa Alpha’s International Work Day, and a variety of other events. The key is to be actively involved in your son’s decisions and support him in what he wishes to accomplish.